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SuccessbydesignOur Training

Success by Design Un-Training™ was conceived in the early 1990’s as an alternative way to approach Network Marketing.

Our training was then tested and proven in numerous different Network Marketing businesses. For decades this training has been provided at live weekend events at a cost of $10,000.

In late 2020, we decided that there had to be an even better way of delivering this training and we designed a mission statement to produce 1,000 cashflow millionaires by Aug 2022 exclusively through our virtual training program.

We have taken the weekend’s training and broken it down into weekly 2 hour virtual interactive training sessions over an eight week program.

These training sessions are recorded and available to watch / re-watch on our exclusive facebook group.

Success by Design Un-Training™ is:

    • Designed to liberate distributors from the paradigm of the most common ways people approach and teach the building of a network.
    • Learning how to create an unlimited resource for prospects without talking to friends, neighbours and relatives, buying leads, learning lines to give strangers, or even warm and cold market thinking, at all.
    • A possibility for:
      • How sales results may be created without selling;
      • How people may be enrolled powerfully in and attracted to your opportunity without recruiting;
    • About developing a business identity.
    • Learning what and what not to be responsible for as a sponsor. (Hint: not others’ motivation or success).
    • Learning how to empower and attract others through listening.

Creating a business project (structure) for what you are building so that your own expectations can be met and so you can coach others to achieve theirs (Duplication of Effort)

All training sessions are designed with audience participation in mind to ensure that YOU get the answers and guidance that you need to realise your potential.

In addition you get access to our exclusive online community which allows you to interact with other alumni and receive ongoing support and mentorship from your peers.

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